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  • The measure of Who we are is what we do with what we have .
  • Invention isn't about new ingredients, but new recipes. And innovations taste the best.”

School Improvement Solutions

Our expertise includes:

Specializing in education since 1980, Global Educational Solutions has worked closely with independent schools and International Schools worldwide providing consultancy services on a range of school management issues.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of personal advice from experts who have held positions as school Heads and inspectors. Our team includes consultants with relevant senior management experience, who have excellent knowledge of current best practice in practical, financial and legal aspects of school management.


We have at our disposal a multi pronged audit process in order to assist in the objective identification of strengths and rooms for improvement, providing a robust process aimed at delivering a constructive solution for sustainable school improvement. We also continually review and improve our approaches – gained from the experiences – a key to ensure highest degree of performance and benchmarking of progress in any school we support.

We provide support in education reform programs, regulatory framework and infrastructure development through our rich experience in negotiation and development of high-level education strategy.


GES offers a wide range of professional development programs for teachers, which aim to ensure that all practitioners are exposed to the best classroom and assessment practices.

The training encompasses curriculum planning to innovations in teaching learning process, effective delivery of curriculum in the classroom, behavioural management techniques, especially when dealing with the children of the modern world, integration of technology into the curriculum, the smart classroom – the classroom of the future, use of modern tools in the teaching learning process. GES offers excellent training provided and supported by international faculty.


Our expert team has the experience curriculum development as well as assisting staff to develop effective and meaningful short and long-term programs for students. Reformations within the curriculum are taken up for effective delivery and quality.

GES will also collaborate with other schools/organisations in your area or train all your staff in one session. The EPD programme provides excellent opportunities for leaders, teachers and support staff to update their knowledge and skills and to reflect on their own practice.


A unique program to fine-tune the skills of teachers in service and beginners in the teaching profession, Encompasses curriculum planning to innovations in teaching-learning process, supported by international faculty.

GES Offers training in a group that helps schools in two ways – providing training to their teachers at an affordable cost and at the same time, the group training offers room for interaction and sharing of experiences in diverse areas that plays a vital role in their classrooms and communities.


GES offers support to investors in setting up educational projects – from preparation of project proposal to documentation and obtaining approval of educational authorities, design and development of infrastructure facilities, curriculum and methodology to match the regional conditions and the world order, ongoing support in both academic and management level.

Other areas of service include financial management and leadership training, strategic planning and school self-review, recruitment policy development and review and training on governance.